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Daniel was great! It was my first guitar lesson ever, and he was very energetic, friendly and informative. He makes sure to clarify any question you may have while making learning guitar a fun activity. I already look forward to my next class!

Damla E.

Daniel has an immense mental library of knowledge that can apply to numerous types and styles of music. It is obvious from the beginning that his passion is guitar/music. Though, sometimes it does get super technical with the Music Theory end of it just because he truly does have so much expertise. Very hard to find a teacher of this caliber anywhere, so let's stop wasting time and just hire the man (if he's even available)

Michael D.

Daniel is a great teacher. If your search for a mentor and instructor brings you to him, you will be in great hands. He has a professional method for online instruction, and is extremely passionate about music.

Dirk Vandermeyden

Daniel is an excellent teacher. He has stoked my sons interest in playing guitalele and guitar. Daniel even bought his own guitalele when I signed for lessons so he could better teach my son which was very cool. He regularly transposes guitar music so my son can learn his favorite tunes on the guitalele. I highly recommend him!!

Diana H.

I can hardly find the words to adequately describe what a fantastic teacher Daniel is! He is patient, warm, talented, and knowledgeable. He truly meets me where I am each week, no matter what. I look forward to my lessons so much! He is the teacher that everyone should experience in their musical journeys. THANK YOU, DANIEL!!

Michaela P.

Daniel is wonderful human being. He explains stuff in a simple way but makes it t interesting at the same time. Also with the tremendous amount of knowledge he has one can be sure to climb newer heights in their music learning journey. I am happy have found him. I strongly recommended him to anyone who is aiming at being professional guitarist


First time meeting with Daniel today. Amazing guy, very humble, and I really feel welcome. He makes the adjustment for you. The first lesson is fun, its just like I'm talking to my long time friend that I haven't seen for a very long time, I feel like learning how to play a guitar is not hard at all, you just need the right person to guide you through it, and that is Daniel. Looking forward for the next lessons and more to come.

Gian U.

Daniel is simply the best! We are so fortunate to have found him. My daughter has been working with him for just over a year. He is talented, patient, encouraging and flexible. Highly recommend!

D'Ann S.

My son started with piano then decided he wanted to play guitar. He's been with Daniel for over a year and half and has learned a lot. One of the things I wanted for my son to learn is to be able to learn to play by ear. Not only has Daniel helped with the process of learning by ear, but my son can transpose guitar onto piano. He works great with children and allows them to bring the type of music the child wants to learn, which may conceive of music in games and other social media. He is very understanding when lessons had to be rescheduled. My son wanted to take a break from lessons so he could focus on completing the 8th grade where he was 3rd in his class by .0178%. He did receive the highest school honor and achievement, the school Principal award. Daniel inthralled the emphasis of practicing daily so he can achieve the goal he wants. I don't pressure my son to play guitar, he does because he wants too, and Daniel is one those teachers who enjoys their craft and works well with young children, and he can't wait to return to taking lessons with Daniel.


I am amazed at how I've been able to fulfill my long time dream of playing guitar. Daniel has made that possible and very fun. I strongly recommend Daniel to anyone who ever thought he or she was too old or to start a new passion of guitar playing. I'm taking a break from classes due to a personal commitment but intend to reach out to Daniel in the near future to continue my lessons.

Pete D.

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